Thoughts on Life,

Love, & Loss

Mary Anne Ruddis

The world is a complex place full of uncertainty and heartache. The world is also full of mystery and beauty. Human beings are resilient and curious creatures that intersect with all of it.

Everyday existence is rich with magical connections that bind us together. These thoughts about life, love, and loss explore those connections, sometimes blatant and sometimes extremely subtle, that reveal life's multi-dimensional whispering. It is in the practical application of the mystery that surrounds us that we can find ourselves and connection with others.

It is at this intersection, meeting the spirit in the street, that we create the world that we all inhabit.

About the Author

Mary Anne Ruddis lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a writer, non-profit executive, and believes that we are all responsible for the world that we live in. It is up to each of us to do the hard work of self-discovery so that we can come together with others to create a just, sustainable, and equitable world for not only our generation but also for future generations.

A Heart that Beats Forever – My First Mother’s Day After My Daughter’s Death

| Loss, Love | No Comments
I woke up alone in my king-sized bed, rolled over, and reached up to pull back the edge of the curtain. The sky was the color of unpolished pewter, and…

Bereaved Mother’s Day

| Life, Loss | No Comments
When I first became aware of Bereaved Mother’s Day, I felt a great deal of resistance to the idea of marking this separation. A mother whose child did not survive…


| Life, Loss, Love | No Comments
I saw a documentary a few years ago about the giant Sequoia trees and their symbiotic relationship with fire. Fires typically sweep through the trees in 10-to-20-year cycles and the…

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Thoughts on Life, Love & Loss